Twin Buttes Celebration 2012

By Desiraey Bolman

Well, Friday started out to be a gorgeous morning and afternoon, everyone making their way to Twin Buttes, North Dakota for the celebration they have every year. Pulling into the pow wow there were quite a few camps and the dancers were slowly making their way up to the announcer’s stand to get registered, being as grand entry was at seven o’clock. While waiting around, this HUGE rain cloud came from nowhere and the rain poured. Everyone tried to wait it out, but the rain lasted a good 2-3 hours and by then it was already nine p.m. The announcers had told everyone that they’ll make up time the next day, so the dancers got to relax for the most part (lucky them).

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Four Bears Pow-Wow kicks off the Celebration Season


New Town, ND — It’s spring again and time for the much anticipated celebration season across Indian country. Visitors from several tribes came to Fort Berthold to take part in the Four Bears Pow-wow, along with our local dancers and drums, kicking off the season here at the home of the Three Affiliated Tribes. The celebration took place last weekend, May 25-27, hosted by the Four Bears Community, the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation.

The celebration was held, as usual, in the Event Center of the Four Bears Casino and Lodge, in spite of the construction going on with the addition to the Four Bears Lodge and the cooler weather and rain over the weekend. Fortunately, it was held inside, so the cold and rain didn’t interfere with the festivities.

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Chairman Tex Hall speaks to KXMC television’s Jim Olsen live from the EXPO

Four Bears, ND - The two day Energy EXPO at the Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation brought together companies with modern day oil and gas techniques and a culture that has been here from time immemorial. The beat of drums, singing and dancing by the descendants of tribes people that roamed this land for hundreds of years, intermingled with discussions on scientific methods of oil extraction that will bring wealth and prosperity to a Nation once forcibly removed from the rich river valley that was the main village headquarters.

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Army Corps of Engineers leases to State without consulting tribe

Army Corps of Engineers leases to State without consulting tribe

NEW TOWN, ND-- Tribal member Vance Gillette has made a disturbing discovery. The Corps of Engineers has leased 2600 acres of land along the shore of Deep Water Bay to the state without consulting the Three Affiliated Tribes. It is a 25-year lease from 2005 to 2030. Actually, it was a renewal and expansion of a previous 25-year lease of a wooded area of only three acres. That’s a considerable expansion. Also, another area is leased by Van Hook along the lake, a total 6,000 acres. So what is the state doing with the land it leased? The state has set up a state wildlife management unit, put up fences, and is providing hunting leases to white deer hunters. The state’s hunting season is not the same as the tribe’s hunting season and the limits are not the same. In fact, this year the tribe is not going to have a deer hunting season because of the reduced number of deer, yet white hunters are going to be allowed to hunt in those areas on state leases. Another serious problem is that these hunters can’t get to their leases without trespassing on private property owned by tribal members. Not only that, but a hunter chasing a deer may follow it onto private property where tribal members are living, creating a dangerous situation for the families living there.

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Our tribal college undergoing many exciting changes

Tribal college building

Where to start? Last Friday was a busy day at the former Fort Berthold Community College. Former? Yes, so let’s start there. The college was accredited as a four-year college last spring, which meant that it was no longer a community college, a distinction which goes to two-year institutions. A new name was needed. The new name was finally announced at the grand opening ceremony for the new wellness and cultural center on campus. The name for the college now reflects the heritage of the people it is intended for. The new name is Nueta, Hidatsa, and Sahnish College (NHSC), as decided by the student body.

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Local Grass Dancer Wins Big: Entrepreneur Rusty Gillette triumphs in the business arena

Rusty Gillette

Many people only dream of being their own boss and having the capability to do it from any location they desire. Not many may know but we have a member of the Three Affiliated Tribes who has accomplished just that. Rusty Gillette, University of Mary alumni, now lives in Washington D.C. where his wife Jodi Archambualt-Gillette, works for the Obama administration. Gillette is a very successful entrepreneur. He said, “If it weren’t for my education I would not have the tools and knowledge to be where I am today.” Fortunately, Gillette’s business is so established that at his young age, 39, he was able to move from his hometown Bismarck, N.D. to Washington D.C. with nothing to lose.

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Taylor Everett: Maurice’s Main Street Model

By Sarah Dea

Taylor Everett, daughter of Kerry Azure and Fred Everett, and stepdaughter of Melissa Everett, has provided us all with an example of what can happen when you have the support of your community behind you and you believe in yourself.

Taylor explained how all this came about. Her mom, Kerry, gets texts and emails from the clothing store, Maurice’s. One day last March, Taylor’s mom was reading her messages when she received a notification about a competition to choose 12 young women to represent the store as “Maurice’s Main Street Models.” Kerry turned to Taylor, who was sitting there with her and asked, “Should we try it?”

Taylor thought, “What have I got to lose?” She decided to give it a try. “I didn’t think it was possible, but I tried it,” she to continue

First MHA Nation DOT Highway Patrol Vehicle On the job.

NEW TOWN--The new MHA Nation Department of Transportation has just received its first Highway Patrol Vehicle. According to Richard Hall, MHA DOT Director, the other vehicles should be here next week. Watch for them--they’ll be making our highways safer.

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New Town School honors Veterans

The annual honoring of the Veterans gathers those who have served in the military, past and present. The event was hosted by the New Town school district on Thursday, November 10, 2011. Opening remarks were offered by Native Studies teacher Charlie Moran. “We want to honor and recognize all branches of the military,” said Charlie. “We will continue to do this for those that have sacrificed so much for each and every one of us. Without their services, we would not have the freedom that we have today. Yesterday the Ladies Auxilary Post 9061 had a Veterans honoring. I heard Austin Gillette mention that there are two people that will die for you. That is Jesus and those that served in the military.” The morning began with a drum group led by Sidrick Baker, Mike Shortbull, and Chuck Hunter singing the Flag song as well as an honor and victory song. Upon completion of the ceremony, Charlie invited all students to get in a circle and pay tribute to the armed forces by dancing a round dance victory song. Veterans David Siira and Jerome Jarski of Beck Shervan Post 290 were on hand to do the annual flag raising ceremony. Charlie went on to talk about how two Arikara service men were in a foxhole when they made the flag song. It was made during World War II by Davis Painte and Nicholas Knight. “This flag song that you have just heard is used all over United States and Canada at the beginning of any type of gathering. It is equivalent to the National Anthem that we hear all the time. So that song came from here on our Fort Berthold Reservation,” said Charlie continue

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New Town kicks off the Christmas season with the Parade of Lights

Last Saturday was the kick off of the Christmas season in New Town with the annual Walk About and the Parade of Lights. The festivities began at 4:00 PM with the Walk About. Businesses along Main Street provided refreshments for participants as they came in to browse. There was plenty of fry bread and chili and soups, as well as hot chocolate and coffee to go around. Even businesses not normally open on Saturdays, like Larsen’s Drugs, were open for the event.continue

Walking On

Loved ones who have recently moved on

Dennis Burr

Marvin Lee Enno Sr.

Linda L. Meyers

Mary White Body

Dean David Brim